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Default Re: Current Studio Model Will Fall Away

Originally Posted by wcmartell View Post
"The new owners will focus on maximizing the value of Miramax's library, a source familiar with the situation said. No production operations exist at this time and there are no current production plans, the source said."

So Miramax is not going to be a production company, just a source for new BluRays and movies on TV from the existing library.

And is the $1-10m thing based on any data, or just wishful thinking? Since there is little-to-no cinema market for that material right now (with the indie distribs mostly gone) and DVD sales are flat right now - how are films in that budget range thriving?

- Bill
the 1-10m thing doesn't square with what we are seeing. It's 2-5, around 20, around 40 and then BIGTASTIC! But I have no sources for this.
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