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Originally Posted by Strangerthanfiction View Post
Thank you so much, ComicBent for taking the time to write such a detailed response, very much appreciated. Looking into getting a Dropbox account. Have purchased Fade In software.
TigerFang, I feel your pain, so many issues. I don't know if anyone else ever experienced this, but I also had a problem with the formatting of the title page on Final Draft, it was literally all over the place, and a pain in the derrière to put right. After six years, I'm done with Final Draft.
Good. Your blood pressure will revert to normal levels, and your head won’t hurt anymore from trying to resolve these issues.

Side note: I just trashed Final Draft 9 to remove it from my laptop. Then I went to the website to download the Final Draft 9 installer for my version of Mac. I reinstalled Final Draft 9. The same crash occurred again and again.

Otherwise, something is up with Final Draft. How or why would two different versions of it have similar issues? Maybe some angry, under-appreciated would-be screenwriter/hacker.

I suppose I could say that I “got my money’s worth” from Final Draft, but that would mean (to me) that it still worked. I paid so much for Final Draft, too, buying into the “All of Hollywood uses this!” marketing ploy. Now my feeling is that “Final Draft” is aptly named—it truly has written its “final draft” for me.
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