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Default Re: Ford vs. Ferrari

I thought it was a lot of fun, if maybe a tad longer than it probably needed to be. Broad tone which actually works well for the subject matter. Some of the internecine conflict with the Ford suits felt a little contrived but in service of the great race scenes. A welcome throwback to the big star-driven projects of the 70s and 80s (40 years ago, this would have been the perfect thing for a Redford-Newman pairing).

But what I probably loved the most about FvF was NOTHING looked like it was CGId. I'm sure there was some of it in there (the LeMans crowds were probably digital-ish) but all of the racing felt like it was real cars, filmed with real cameras, on real tracks in the real world. Like zero uncanny valley moments and letting the camera linger on the actors and their faces, acting. Especially Bale up against his race competitors, the looks tell the story as much as following the cars' positions
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