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Default Spec season, duck season-- FIRE!

Generally - and this comes from some managers, agents and a few assistants at prodcos, so if I'm wrong, it's their fault -- and mind you, I'd listen to CreativeExec before me, but can't stop myself from giving opinions, so.......

There are two major times of the year specs traditionally go out - from Early March (I think) until Labor Day, and from Early September to Mid November.

The beginning of the year, people have money, are anxious to see new work, etc. The summer comes and people focus on what's on their plates and take the aforementioned summer vacations.

Then people come back, get settled in and want to see new things at the end of the summer. Then Turkey Day comes, Xmas, New Years, Sundance, Awards Season......

And we're back to March again.

Now, if you're talking about productions - well, TV shuts down production, so there is just not much going on during the summer.

There's your long answer to a short question.....
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