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Default Re: The dumbest thing any movie exec has ever said to you?

Originally Posted by Aspirant View Post
I can see how this would be aggravating, but it doesn't seem objectively "dumb" to me. I mean, maybe I'm missing something, but I can at least imagine a situation in which a 15-year professional animator, who writes movies specifically for animation, comes up with an idea for an animated movie that, as laid out, doesn't really seem suited for animation. I'm not saying this was your situation, but without knowing what the idea was, it's kind of hard to say that the exec was clearly off-base. It sounds more like you're just saying that, due to your experience in animation, your opinion about what is suitable for animation is unassailable by an exec.
Maybe. And yet... The facially dumb part could be: If an exec knows a writer is a pro in animation, isn't it dumb to give that as the reason? Don't smart execs commit to memory a look-up table of things to say/not say when passing on a script? Unless the exec wants to alienate the writer forever.
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