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Default Re: Austin notification timeline

Originally Posted by Colin Holmes View Post
I was on the site when it opened and got a 404 error. Reloaded and instantly got the message that everything was full. Literally less than 30 seconds.

I sent a strongly worded email expressing my displeasure.

I enjoy Austin, this will be my fifth year, but they have too many attendees for the events and the venues. It's a great vibe, I always learn a lot, meet great folks and have a blast. But every year I miss sessions because it's too packed to get in.

It sucks to spend a ton on a full tilt badge and not be able to get into sessions.
And this. Especially Saturday, being pushed out by people with cheapo badges wanting access. This thing is so over-sold now, it's flat out money-grubbing rude to not guarantee panel access with a producer badge.
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