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Default Re: Open source software for screenwriters

Originally Posted by dimkanovikov View Post
Hi, guys!

Enjoy watching and be ready to start public testing!
Just trying this out now. You might get more response if you post an announcement about Kit Scenarist at this Done Deal Forum instead ...

That's where they unusually talk about screenplay software. I use Linux Mint and -- once I loaded the extra files -- it worked fine. My only issue so far is that, when I do a print preview, Scenarist cuts off the top of my text. It exported fine to Fade In Pro and Trelby, so it's just the printing module that has the issue (I think). I'll keep testing and give another report in a week or so. So far I'm impressed. Thanks.

EDIT: Okay, I figured it out. You have to hit the "Review" icon and all is good with Print Preview. Impressive software. Will continue to test it and will probably write a "mini-review" at the Software forum (above).
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