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Originally Posted by lostfootage View Post

Also, if you had two different scripts that you feel are equal quality -- one is a feature, and one is a 35-page half-hour TV pilot, would you send the pilot?
I think Ron Howard said somewhere that over half the applications were for a feature and since it's divided by 4 categories, that was where the most competition was. So in that case, you might want to send your pilot, as long as they're of equal quality, because there is less competition.

the categories you can enter are: (I think)
--features = 5 writers
--pilot for tv series = 5 writers (I'm guessing traditional network show)
--pilot for a limited run tv show = 5 writers (I'm guessing HBO, Hulu, Netflix, etc)
--animation = 5 writers

BUT don't take my word for this, because I can't remember where I read this. Is this breakdown on the application? Was it on a deadline article? I can't remember. And I haven't been able to find it again (yet) by googling. Anyone?
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