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Default Re: Pixar Email Structure

Originally Posted by thrill14 View Post

Peripitia (sic), if you're the same person who antagonized me in a thread last April (Ann something), and then deleted all your posts, it's both disturbing and predictable to see that little has changed. I try to post if and when I can contribute to someone's question. It's not absolute, but a pretty useful rule of thumb for me. That said, I am not an authority on much, hence you don't see many posts from me. If you're not Ann, then I humbly apologize and I owe you a drink.
I could have given you all of Pixar's information, including Brenda Chapman's personal cell number. But if you are trying to get your script read, bought, AND produced by Pixar, that's like trying to shoot the clouds with a pellet gun. Even Exodus (the people who made IGOR) have a strict policy on unsolicited scripts. Though, Renegade Animation openly invites writers to submit their material.

Your best bet is to pitch your script to animation directors who have won film festivals for their feature or short. They know how to drive a script to prospective companies -- and with today's software, a new animation company seems to pop up every 4-6 months.

But yeah -- my opinion is not really worth soliciting.
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