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Default Re: Pixar Email Structure

Thanks for confirming that you are indeed Ann. No, your opinion is not worth soliciting. You rubbed several DD'ers the wrong way back in the day, deleted all your posts, then came back with this new alias. And no, I don't need any cell phone numbers. You must be very, very successful considering you have executives in your rolodex. Flipping through my own rolodex, I now realize that I must be successful too.

If you read my first reply, I have an agent who is extremely good at getting my material to anyone and everyone. Again, I wanted to hit someone specific up to send a message to. Not every message has to be a query. Why does a simple DD request have to turn into this unfortunate chain? In three years, I believe I initiated two threads and Ann started with me on both. I politely asked for Pixar's email structure. Either you know it or you don't. Why the negative commentary?

This is why members are quick to leave DD. In my time as a member here, I've seen some very knowledgeable people get pushed out by an uninformed few. It's very, very sad to see.
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