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Default Re: How important is voice in screenwriting?

Originally Posted by Centos View Post
These "never dos" are kind of like telling a sculptor he can only use one hand when sculpting.
Back in the old wild west days of Done Deal, the NEVER DO’s were running rampant. Members were ranting to the beginner writers about so and so said NEVER DO this or that or you’ll look like an amateur, your script will be rejected, thrown in the trash, etc.

I’m ashamed to say I kept quiet because I didn’t like their use, especially overuse.

Jeff road into town and single handily killed the NEVER DO’s down.

Now, I strive to explain the function of something like a camera angle, etc., but I also suggest to use these elements for an important reason that’ll enhance the read, the story.

But, of course, every once in a while, I’ll see an upcoming writer/director who wants readers/crew to really SEE his vision and have all these technical elements all over his script, which I say to myself, “self, it’s okay. It’s his personal taste and style. Just judge his script on the story.”

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