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Default Re: Meeting with network development contact -- thoughts?

Don't bring the script because it might make you look a bit desperate. If he asks what else you're working on/or have then bring up the pilot but don't open with that. For a meet and greet, he wants to get a sense of what you're bringing to a writer's room. Do you have interesting stories to tell? Are you a team player? Is there something colorful in your background which gives you a unique point of view? What shows do you like? And be prepared to talk about his network shows. Ask what show on another network does he wish he had. Empower him a bit, not in a kiss ass way but in a way that shows you respect his opinion. If he asks for the script, send it over that day or the next with a note thanking him for the meeting and a promise to follow up. Building relationships is extremely important in this business. For TV, the choice might come down for him to recommend you. Give him plenty of reasons to.... oh, yeah, and wear comfortable shoes.
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