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Default Re: 5 reasons to get coverage from Scriptapalooza

Originally Posted by Scriptapalooza View Post
5 reasons to get professional screenplay coverage from Scriptapalooza

•Professional and experienced feedback.

•Help create a better version of your script.

•Notes that you can understand and follow.

•Attention to detail.

•Satisfaction Guaranteed.
As a consumer of script coverage and story analyses, I have follow up questions that were not answered by Scriptapalooza's FAQs. I honestly feel that providing more transparency to your services will help both yourselves as well as bring more consumers to your services.
FAQ:The Coverage Service Department hires only industry professionals who write coverage reports for a living.
  • Can you confirm that all work histories listed for the Reader were/are full-time paid reader positions? Could some histories include unpaid internships? Could they include part-time contract work? This question relates to transparency and not as a question of a Reader's skillset or abilities.
  • Why are "years of experience" for each position omitted from the Reader's work history? As a consumer, I want to know how long each position was held, because reading for 3 months in the summer at Sony, is not necessarily the same as being a full-time paid Reader for Sony for 5 years. If you can list the companies the Reader has worked for, you can list their months or years of experience as well.
  • I do appreciate that Readers are identified by their initials, but in lieu of their actual names, I'd like more transparency for their work history.
  • Why are there no sample coverage examples by reader of their past evaluations? As a consumer expected to pay Scirptapalooza between $125 and $800, I want to judge their skills and abilities to communicate shortfalls, articulate issues, concerns, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve a low scoring element on the grid.
  • Why are there no examples of written coverage other than a breakdown grid?
FAQ: What if I don't agree with my coverage report?
Your script will be read and evaluated by an industry professional. You may not like certain aspects of your report but keep in mind the reader is using their experience, opinions and suggestions to the best of their abilities to help you improve your script, and that their perspective is subjective.
Admittedly, I was disappointed that this answer does not really address the FAQ concern above, nor is it in alignment with the claimed SATISFACTION GUARANTEED POLICY.

The answer is: "You may not agree with the coverage, but we stand behind our Reader's evaluation 100%." That's the reality to what, imo, is an indirect response.

There is nothing to suggest any consideration will be given to a client's legitimate claim to an evaluation that is, in some way, deficient or substandard. This does happen in every service business and to simply disregard or dismiss this legitimate concern, as a consumer, gives the impression that you actually do not value your clients, nor will you address their concerns.

If you want people to use your services over and over again, you should have language that assures them you will look into legitimate claims.
WE ARE TRUSTED: Writers who chose Scriptapalooza feel confident.
If you make this claim, imo, allowing access to all customer feedback, good and bad, would provide added transparency.

15+ Years of Experience: Our analysts have been in the business for years.
Are you saying that each of your analysts have 15+ years of experience or are you saying that Scriptapalooza had 15+ years providing coverage services, because they are not the same. Can you clarify how many year's experience each of your Readers have as paid readers in the industry?
  • Why are there no reviews by Reader offered? With a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy, I'd like to see what past customer's experience to consider whether Scriptapalooza is right for me. If this is a new service you're providing, can you advise whether this is something you plan to execute?
  • Do your Readers have industry recommendations? Can you have this added as a component to the Reader's profile?
  • The reason providing actual samples of notes and comments are important by reader, is to allow the consumer a level of confidence in the competency, effectiveness, the quality of the notes, comments, and development suggestions by the Reader(s). Samples help to justify Scriptapalooza's claims that they are both professional and experienced.
  • I like the testimonials and would encourage a link be provided by Reader. And if the Reader has moved on from Scriptapalooza, then state it was a past Reader.

The statements below could use some expanded explanation/transparency, because without a sample of services provided, it's difficult to judge what the claims actually mean.

Basic notes and overall comments.
There are also simple comments and notes on what worked and what didn’t.
Extensive notes on how to improve the script.
This is an all inclusive service because it gives the writer everything they need to know about their script to take it to the next level.

As a writer, I am always looking for a service that delivers their promises. I am able to carefully consider, and more importantly, value good notes and story analysis, that's why I'm asking these questions.

My comments are a review on your offered services at face value, and not having paid for any services. For me, the spend for your services, which isn't insignificant, without additional transparency is not yet justified.

I think there are a lot of good aspects that your services address, and my hope is that Scriptapalooza is open to questions from a consumer of the services they provide.

And finally, NO WHERE on the Scriptapalooza Script Coverage Services website does it state there is a SATISFACTION GUARANTEED POLICY. This policy is not included in the terms and conditions link either. I've checked every page, so if I've missed it somehow, perhaps you can provide the link?

In good faith, if Scriptapalooza's services do not come with a GSP it should be edited out of the OP, because it feels disingenuous.

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