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Default New Script Coverage

I took second in the Ultimate Logline contest in March and I am going to the Scriptfest this year. I recommend that competition when it opens again. That is a short intro on me. Here is my site it is new, so there will be kinks and changes made. I want to look even better my friend who is a computer genius may help . Here is the link, What is unique about the service is that it is unlimited coverage for one down payment of 9.99$ a month. That is cheaper than most services. However, I am giving a free trial for thirty days. I may even extend it, because this is a new concept. I also know that money is hard to come by as screenwriter.You can go there and post if you want. I want the site to be about improving and getting scripts perfect. Just send the script in PDF or FDX, and I will send you between eight to ten pages of notes. It will include a logline, a short synopsis, character development, dialogue, structure, uniqueness. I will create a report card for you to see all your strengths and weaknesses. I want you to enjoy it first before you pay money. I am really excited about this idea, you can submit your script as much as you feel you need coverage. I will be there working for you, and guide you on this journey. I will take no ownership. I hope you enjoy and I am going to love reading your scripts. If you help out and subscribe it will make the site even better. I also have several ideas in the works. I will have a logline contest, a synoposis contest, and lastly a screenplay contest. I am looking forward to working for you! I hope you enjoy my script coverage this maybe the new future a monthly script coverage service. Thank You for your time, and I am excited to read your scripts any length is okay. I will even read novels if you write that and give a similar report.

Kristopher Micah Newcome


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