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Default Re: New Script Coverage

I said I am doing it free this is not a scam. I am looking to get more experience. I will use a similar template to script shark. I ended up spending four hundred dollars their. I am trying to build a unique brand. I want to see what people think and I am trying to create something that has never been tried. I want to help others writers and save them money. Look just try it and you will get notes in three days. I want to see if the model works, if you guys and gals like it then I will build it professionally. In the future if you like it will be 9.99$ a month for unlimited coverage. However, right now it is free so test it out first. This is pro bono at the moment this is in the development stage. I will try to bring people on board. You retain all ownership if it worries you I will send you one of my scripts.
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