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Hey folks,

I kinda did things backwards. I have friends in the industry, and was able to get representation via that connection. I couple of years ago I was offered a position in Europe that I had no business ignoring, as I was poor as hell in LA and the salary was rad.

Unfortunately, my manager decided it was too difficult to work with me internationally, and my agent went into literature exclusively a few months ago.

So, I'm learning how to blind query now. So far, I simply use "Inquiry" in my subject line, and request an opportunity to properly query in the body. If I send to twenty people, I generally get five responses back. No bites thus far, but I knew it'd be difficult.

I'm still not sold on how I do things though. I'm trying to up my responses, and was hoping I might be able to get some insight from people that have had a level of success with their emailing approach.

Thanks in advance.

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