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Originally Posted by TravisPickle View Post
hey guys-

I wrote a 14 page pitch deck for a TV series that a Network read and apparently loves.

The closest thing to it is probably this:

My document is mostly info on characters, world, tone. I have a one-page overview of the story. Definitely not a beat-by-beat breakdown.

The producers and I have a call next week with the Network (I'm on the East Coast)

I am trying to figure out what the best strategy is. Specifically: do I go in with a super specific angle and have a fully-loaded pitch prepared? e.g. know the beats of my pilot or even the overall arc of the 1st season? Or do I treat it more as a "chat" in which we explore possibilities together and I demonstrate flexibility? (as of today I don't have a beat breakdown though I could probably cook something up before the call)

I am just concerned that by going the "fully-loaded" route they might get put off by some of my most audacious ideas.

I guess it's the equivalent of going on a date and being a tiny bit reserved, in order to score a follow-up date (in this case them commissioning an outline and a pilot), as opposed to laying out my personality much more openly and banking on the fact that my date may or may not love who I really am...

I think [only MY opinion] you answered your own question. Yup, it's exactly like dating. Imagine going on a date and revealing to your date all your FLAWS. Not smart! Chick will learn you're F' up later. After the honeymoon phase. I think meetings are the same, create a honeymoon phase first off, they can bitch and complain later, because they will.

I wouldn't do it.

I'd give them very broad strokes and hope they take over the convo at some point, because if they do take it over, now they have mental equity in the game. Let them make it their idea IMO.

I'd give them as little info as possible. Characters, tone, BIG turns, theme, etc. That's about it. If you give them the entire show it's way easier to pass, because it's way easier to find flaws. Look at what you said "I could cook something up." Oh, ya mean the BAD version?? I wouldn't do it. They're already interested. I used to be terrified of saying "I don't have that part yet." But not no more. Easy to turn it back on THEM "Great question? I don't have that yet. What are your ideas?"

Congrats on the interest!

One dudes dumbass opinion...
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