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Default Re: Linking up with producers early on

Originally Posted by StoryWriter View Post
My dad wrote for a conservative Washington DC magazine that was sometimes called racist. (Nothing like what's going on these days.) John was another writer there, who happened to be black. At a press party a liberal white guy introduced John this way to his friends: "This is my Black friend, John."

When I mentioned this on a different forum, years ago, I caught hell.

"Well HOW would YOU introduce him?", they demanded to know.

How about: "This is John?" or "This is my friend, John?"

Maybe it's just me, but I would think someone with a functioning set of eyes could probably figure out John was Black all on his own. And someone with a functioning brain wouldn't care what color John was. After all, he was a journalist at a party full of journalists.
Haha... RIGHT!? Everyone's "appearance" (black, white, tall, short, etc) is blatantly obvious.

Yup, "This is my friend, John." Unless he ain't actually your friend. Meaning, you don't like the dude. LOL. I'm not a fan of "ultra-progressive" liberals liking black people BECAUSE they're black. That gets into that creepy GET OUT territory.

Here's something no white guy ever said "This is my white friend, John."

Good story!

ps... interesting about your dad being a writer for a conservative DC mag. I have a conservative writer in my family too (white side) presidential speech writer. Maybe they knew each other? Though, I'm not conservative, I respect the workload and pressure the man dealt with as a writer. I can't imagine having the write a State of The Union in 24 hours then read to the world live.
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