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Default Re: Linking up with producers early on

Originally Posted by Bono View Post
i have literally said that line "this is my white friend, john!"

Another fun joke I like to say is I say something racist (as a joke) and then I said "It's okay, I'm a racist." And if they laugh, they get it. Because we live in a world where you can be a good person at heart, you make a mistake on social media or misspeak in public or at work -- you're a racist. Its not okay at all. If you're an actual racist like our current president, it's okay. Because you're just being yourself. Isn't 2019 great?

I don't know how I'm stuck in a world where now the people attacking comedy and logic are 99% on my side. How the hell did we get here? It used to be the other side saying that language is offensive, but now we swung so far 180 degrees that we are policing ourselves to death.
Totally agree... word for word.

Reminds me of a joke Ralphie May told (slips my mind), but after the punchline he says "It's okay white people, turn to your black friends, they're laughing, they get it's a joke... it's okay to laugh."

Real racism is something else entirely.

And yeah, when ULTRA-WOKE white people are calling me racist... yup, we've gone way to fukkin far with our collective WOKENESS. The out WOKING is a bunch'a bullsh!t.

To circle this back to screenwriting:

Example: Why am I told by a producer that my show isn't POC enough? EXCUSE ME? Dude, you're white, you don't get to decide that. I'm like... THAT is part of the POINT of the show, that there are NOT 'POC' in these power positions, but should be. What I was told back was "Maybe that's true, but let's set the example." (eye roll to the back of my fukkin skull) "Oh, you mean LIE? So that Hollywood can pat itself on the back for pretending to show what they're asking everyone else to do during their BS (WOKE) Oscar speeches, but refuse to do themselves?" Gotcha...
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