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Default Re: Linking up with producers early on

All that Travis is why i don't think you need a co-writer at all. It's the artist job, writer or actor or etc to create new worlds, new characters, and take us places we haven't been.

If we are trying to be 100% accurate we will fall. Mad Men had errors. Zodiac had errors. And they were trying super hard. Chernobyl doesn't have them talk in Russian, but we get it.

Half the movies I watch about NYC have easy errors of logic. And a lot of times it's Toronto. Even Secret life of Pets 2, which was set in NYC, looks like it's Toronto outside and that's animated!

And yes 100% the best part of writing is I get to be things I'm not. to learn about places and people... to have experiences I can't have in real life... and we enjoy watching that as audience.

I'm enjoying all these rants. I think it's good to let it out sometimes. And it's nice when this is a safer place than most. On twitter, we'd already be dead.
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