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Default Re: Austin 2019 - Help Please

Originally Posted by ClintW3 View Post
The Producers Badge is all-access. All the parties, the BBQ and some panels etc open only those this Producers Badge.
A lot of people are gone Sunday morning.
The Aloft is a great location, but I'm not sure if you can get rooms there through the conference. The Courtyard/Residence Inn are my preferred spots to stay -- close enough to walk back to the room for a break, but away from craziness.
fortunately, i'll be using points for the Aloft. checked today they have rooms. i want to be close, you know?

i'm considering the conference badge as it's $200 less than the producer badge. $425 is still a bit of change. it looks like most stay for the weekend, then? i'm only interested in Thurs - Sunday.

the panels look good. want to network as much as possible, so if anyone has tips, please by all means-- sharzies!!

and by all means, i'm into hooking up with writers and hangin together. anyone else planning on going?
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