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Default Re: On pacing of queries and response times

Originally Posted by Cooper View Post
Are you sure you're looking at literary agents that actually rep screenplays? This is true of novels and non-fiction books but I've never seen this in regards to screen works.
Yeah, I think a good rule of thumb is to never compare the publishing and film/tv industries. They’re just too different.

For OP, I think it also depends if it’s a management company vs an agency and if you actually get read (as opposed to ignored or rejected without a read request). Some agencies require a group consensus before taking on a new client. For example, a script of mine recently got to a lit agent at a medium sized agency. He liked it so he shared it with a couple of his colleagues who, in theory, all pitch in and help push each other’s clients. The colleagues were split on the script and because they all couldn’t agree on me, they decided not to move forward. So in that situation, I would not query other agents there with that same script (since for all I know they’ve already read it and disliked it, or liked it but know their colleagues won’t want to pursue it).

Managers tend to be more individualized when it comes to taking on clients. So if one manager at a company rejects you, you’re probably okay to try another (but don’t go too crazy submitting the same script to one place).
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