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Default Re: The New Black List

Originally Posted by figment View Post
So I just went on the website and "registering" involves listing your educational background, what state you live in, twitter and facebook accounts -- which I assume will all be used as contact info.

The only problem is that I see this being a huge, huge disadvantage for writers who are not based in California. Or who aren't hugely into social media. Or who didn't go to film school, or anywhere remotely ivy league, or college at all.

It seems like any one of those things can equal being dismissed immediately in the minds of a potential reader -- readers that would've otherwise liked the script and considered it a viable project for their company. This writer isn't in L.A? Why bother? He doesn't have a facebook/twitter account? He's out of the loop, why bother? Etc...

Thoughts on this?
I would love to be able to see this type of info on the readers. They pay nothing to get this info, and we the writers pay, so doesn't it seem reasonable that we should see what credentials the *reader* has, and choose who evaluates our scripts? That would be a benefit to writers. Yes writers stand to benefit greatly from this model but so do readers so why not require some info on them.

Also, I know some "repped writers" who stumbled onto their representation making cold calls with a pitch. They know absolutely nothing about screenwriting. They came to me to help them write a feature, and I helped them map out a synopsis and lo and behold never heard from them again. I just wouldn't want anyone with an IMDb producer's credit to be able to read my script. Can we choose who gets to read it like on inktip? I guess what I'm also asking is how do you define a "repped writer"?

I do like the idea overall
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