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Default Re: assassinating important politicians?

Originally Posted by Steven Jenkins View Post
I'm guessing that any figure important enough to warrant Secret-Service protection would never pass through public airport buildings... But I have a Senator being assassinated in Dulles airport foyer, despite having eight secret-service agents in attendance.


Would my script get away with this, or be jeered out of court? It's only my opening scene, not the entire thrust of the story - if that makes any difference...?

If travelling through is too unlikely, then would any figure requiring secret-service protection ever open (say) a new airport terminal? If so, what level of figure - Senator, Governer, anybody else?

Many thanks
Does it have to be Dulles? If not, you could have it so his jet has mechanical problems (accident or sabotage?) and has to land at some podunk strip with little or no security/amenities whatsoever. As for his assailants, let's say they get word of the diversion somehow (maybe there's a plant on the politician's plane) and now have to scramble to get to the airfield. Now you've upped the suspense with the assailants racing to get to the new location before its too late.

Probably way out in left field, but throw'n it out there.
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