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Default Re: This is really depressing (but not unexpected)....

Okay, I'll back off. Don't want more heads to explode or sensibilities to be scarred for life.

I'll just leave you with standard publishing clauses so you can see where I'm coming from.

Or not.

According to several sources, including the Independent Book Publishers Association in Californa, the author “typically” receives:

80% from the First Serialization Rights (newspaper, magazine or other periodical publication prior to book publication); translation rights; and foreign language publishing rights

80% from Second Serialization Rights (newspaper, magazine or other periodical publication after book publication); syndication rights; photocopying and other reprographics rights, anthology, abridgement or excerpt rights

75-80% to translate a book into various foreign languages (Foreign Language Rights)

50% from any license to a book club (Book Club Rights)

50% for the publisher to develop an audiobook or to license to an audiobook publisher (Audio Rights)

50% for the publisher to license electronic book rights (Electronic Rights). According to IBPA the industry norm is that the publisher is entitled to create its own electronic version of the book (e.g., an e-book) and to license others the right to do so, but that interactive multimedia rights, which could be used to produce a CD-ROM, for example, are often reserved by the author

50-70% on the right to make non-book products such as posters, toys, games and other merchandise (Commercial / Merchandising Rights)

50% of the proceeds of any license granted to another publisher to bring out a reprint or other edition of the work such as hardcover version, anthology, large-print version, etc.

90% of any proceeds from a television or movie, live theatre or other theatrical production, DVD, etc. (Performance Rights)
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