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Default Re: Cold Calling Production Companies--In Person

Before the July 4th Holiday, one aspiring writer came to our office to deliver a pizza. (This is a high level talent agency, not a the last day of middle school, so we typically cater elsewhere.) Anyways, fully dressed in a Frankie & Johnnies uniformed attire, he made the way through the offices, and delivered a pizza to my previous boss. Inside the "hot bag", or whatever they're called, was a pizza box, which he delicately sat on my desk for her.

"Don't worry about the tab, it's been picked up", he said as he quietly backed away.

Thinking, "This is her pizza, and not mine", I quickly grabbed the box and spun back to her office. It had the same feel of large pizza, minus the grease dripping on the bottom.

I sat it on her desk, opened the box, and inside...

... A 116 page screenplay, 3 page query letter, and a small "Thank you" note.

The guy's name was added to a "cautionary" list... not a black list for a writer, but more along the lines as "do not let them enter the property". The pizza box was added to the recycle pile, the brass brads were re-used for a client's freshly printed screenplay, and the other pages, well... kept the shredder hungry for a few minutes.

The moral of the story, even if you are going to come costumed, please let the people know beforehand who, what, and why you're coming.
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