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Default Re: Ridley Scott talks Prometheus *spoilers*

Studio: Hey, Damon, this Lost script is great, cool - love it. But it makes no sense at all - what gives?
DL: Erm, it's the black gas. Yeah, the black smoke did it.
Studio: Cool! You're the best.

Studio: Hey, Damon, love the Alien: Engineers script. But seriously dude, it makes no friggin' sense whatsoever. How do we explain this sh*t?
DL: Got it - black liquid! That's what, like, does everything. Or at least whatever we want it to. Or whatever.
Studio: Whoa DL - I like it.

Studio: Yo Damon, where we at with the new Alien Christ Superstar script?
DL: I was thinking maybe we could centre it around a black solid. Yeah, this, like, rectangle. And here's the cool bit - you start at the dawn of man, with like monkeys, and they touch the black solid and that's how they become humans.
Studio: Jesus - that's great? Why didn't anyone think of that before?

(and yes, I am just jealous...)
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