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Default Re: Neighbor... producer/director intros

Originally Posted by Bono View Post
Again, on your side. I just been yelled at for helping my own career, which is so weird. Not always. It should be, look I found this guy, Please send the script over. Usually they want the script from the rep over directly from me.

Still, just these little things that are insane for a business where I hear more stories how the writer or director or actor had to make the break themselves... I don't hear a lot of stories of reps fighting for their clients...

Agreed. It's a friggin weird world (Hollywood). And I agree that they don't often want the script direct from us... I reached out to a producer friend recently and I said at the end of the email "I can send or happy to have my rep send." Ghosted. Seriously? Wow, I've known you for 10 years.

I don't believe a lot of reps "FIGHT!" for their clients, although I did, hardcore. My ex will never admit this, but the truth is she wanted to take the shitty deal in order to make "everyone happy." I was like fukk that, we ain't taking that deal, I don't care who's pissed, we're fighting for the client to get a REAL offer. That was a difference between 300k and, what, like 6-7 million said and done? Very risky move, but it worked. I believe it let the town know we knew what it was worth and were willing to walk (RUN!) from any bad offers. It put people on notice that we were dead serious about a real price. Finally someone (FOX) quit playing games and stepped up with a real offer. Thanks FOX!

I will say though, when making a huge deal like that the most difficult part is knowing who to say no to and why, and being ok with the fact that some people will be pissed they got cut out, kinda. Then restructuring the deal to "make everyone happy."
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