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Default Re: You're a producer, fo realz???

Originally Posted by GucciGhostXXX View Post
Yup... lotta crapy stuff happening in the industry.

But, I can maybe top that (not to out do you, just as an example of how crap people can be): I've known 2 producers for 10 years. Hung out as friends, went to their birthday parties etc, introduced to people like "He's fam!" One of them I messaged during the Oscars and said "Good luck, man! Hope you take home gold!" he gets right back to me "Thanks, man! Fingers crossed." But when I ask these 2 guys to read my script? I say, I can send direct or have my rep send........ GHOSTED!

I don't GET this town
I've been at this for over fifteen years and things have definitely gotten worse. Unless you're an A-lister, and I know there are several here, the lowly screenwriter is expected to have "attachments" in place, to even be considered. Then, what the F*ck do we need producers for? Supplying kick-ass content isn't enough, apparently.
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