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Default Re: Open source software for screenwriters

Found Issue.

When exporting to Final Draft, even when I go to "Additional (Numbering, Title Page, etc.)" and turn off all the "additional" features, Final Draft (.fdx) still exports with unwanted scene numbers. This feature works correctly with DOCX, Fountain and PDF files but not with Final Draft (.fdx) files. This is true on both the 0.7.1 r11 (32-bit) and 0.7.2 beta6 (64-bit) versions. This would hamper sharing KIT Scenarist scripts with those using another application. (In other words, it doesn't work on the older version, but does work correctly on the newer.)

EDIT: My mistake. This information is correct for the older 0.7.1 rc11 version, but the newer 0.7.2 beta6 does export to Final Draft (.fdx) without issues. I apparently didn't test the 64-bit computer correctly. I apologize for the bad information.
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