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Killer Tower EXT. DESERT - DAY FADE IN Blue and yellow. That’s all we see. A hilly landscape of sand dunes. Above, the sun shines with a blinding light over a perfect blue sky. No cloud. No wind. Nothing. Except for the lonely and huge high voltage tower, standing proud in the middle of the burning desert. A gigantic tower made of steel whose thick cables connect to a twin tower, then to another, and another, making a path to infinity. They all look like giant metal men buried in the sand. The only sound is the slight hum of electricity traveling through the cables. A black-throated sparrow flies towards the tower and flaps its wings before landing on the thick cable. It hops a couple of times, flutters its wings. It’s a good place to rest. The electric hum on the cable increases noticeably. The sparrow looks around, alarmed. Until-- ZAPP! The bird is electrocuted instantly. It’s gray feathers turned to smokey black. The bird falls to -- EXT. DESERT / ROAD - DAY -- the side of a dusty road made of asphalt, barely visible because of the sand accumulated on it. Unaware of this, an expensive, black sedan roars through the desert on the middle of the road at full speed, followd by a dense cloud of sand dust. The wipers have been used recently to remove the sand from the windshield. JERRY (O.S.) Don’t **** with me, Tom! I told you this would happen. Through the windshield we can see JERRY (40s), grabbing the wheel with a hand while holding his phone with the other. INT. JERRY’S CAR - DAY Jerry’s eyebrows are deeply frown. His knee bounces up and down while his other foot steps on the gas. He dresses an expensive business suit, matching the car. He barks angrily into his high end phone. JERRY I cannot save your ass all the time you-- No, no, no. Don’t bring the family bullshit on me. Jerry, distracted, realizes something in the middle of the road. He jerks the wheel to avoid impact. JERRY (CONT’D) ****! EXT. DESERT / ROAD - DAY The car narrowly misses a bulky object left in the middle of the road. It looks like some abandoned metal wreckage. INT. JERRY’S CAR - DAY Jerry looks to the road behind him through the rear mirror trying to figure out what was that but the dust from his own car hides everything. He realizes Tom speaking on the phone. JERRY What?-- What the **** are you doing? Are you begging now? Jerry turns red with rage. JERRY (CONT’D) No, you don’t get it. Are you ****ing begging me? Do not ****ing beg me, Tom. (pause) Don’t--! Jerry turns off the phone and throws it on the passenger’s seat. He slaps the wheel furiously. JERRY (CONT’D) I ****ing hate beggars, Tom! Jerry tries to digest his fury. He then notices his own knee bouncing wildly. His hand darts to his crotch, squeezing impatiently. He’s sweating, moans lightly. Jerry looks in the distance and sees a road sign approaching, his face lights with hope. THE ROAD SIGN As it passes Jerry’s car at full speed, it reads: "NEXT REST AREA: 50 MILES" BACK TO THE CAR He puffs, holds to the wheel as if that could prevent the inevitable. He looks out through the windshield, trying to find... anything. His eyes lock on the high power towers. An idea. EXT. DESERT / TOWER - DAY From the high tension tower, we see Jerry’s car parked to one side of the road. The electricity hum is barely audible. A path of footprints lead to the tower until we see Jerry, panting and puffing, and holding his crotch. Jerry arrives to the tower base. He looks up to the top. It’s a magnificent piece of metallic work. He goes to the opposite side of the tower and looks around, makes sure nobody can see him from there. He then realizes there’s nobody on the road, but hell, too late for that. He unzips down his trousers and finally all the tension on his face releases. He sighs. ON THE GROUND Jerry’s leak grows towards the feet of the tower. The electricity hum increases. ON JERRY Most relaxed man ever. He tilts his head up, closes his eyes. Nice. ON THE GROUND The leak reaches the tower’s foot, soaks it. Over the electricity hum, we hear TWISTING METAL screeching. ON JERRY That was weird. Jerry opens his eyes. JERRY’S POV Jerry looks up to the top of the tower. Somehow, the tip has twisted towards him. The two red operation lights at the top look strangely like eyes. Eyes that are staring at him! Jerry cannot believe his eyes. He’s about to say something when-- -- The tower ROARS in anger. Jerry quickly zips up and backpedals, confused, but stumbles with a rock, falls butt on sand. Jerry looks up to the tower and finds himself staring at the tower eyes, the two red lights. For a moment, both stare at each other. Jerry cannot believe his eyes. Jerry tries to stand up and then the tower ROARS again, scaring the **** out of Jerry, who looks in terror, paralyzed, as the tower shakes to one side, then to the other, with a horrible METAL SCREECH-- until one of the FOOT breaks free from the concrete base. Jerry’s eyes open wide, speechless. The tower rises its huge metal foot over him. Jerry SCREAMS. He jumps to one side right before the giant foot smashes the ground, missing Jerry by a few inches. Jerry stands up and without thinking twice, turns around and shoots down the dunes towards his car as fast as he can. He loses a shoe, no time to pick it back. He doesn’t want to look back as the tower bellows horribly behind him. When he’s half the distance to his car, he turns around, exhausted. The tower is still roaring but it cannot release the other feet. Jerry smiles, relieved. The tower starts to PULL from its arms. One, then the other, and again, until a loud SNAP breaks the cables connecting to the next towers by the middle. Jerry only understands what the tower tries to do when-- -- the tower thrusts the cables towards Jerry in a shower of electrical sparkles. The cables hit the ground on both sides of Jerry, leaving two deep black grooves. He looks at them, astonished. Then to the tower, who waves the cables in the air as whips from hell. Jerry screams, turns around and dashes towards his car. The tower waves the cables, preparing another attack. Jerry gets to his car, grabs his keys and tries to open the door but the keys fall to the ground. JERRY ****! Jerry bends down to pick them up. He raises and puts the key in the lock when-- -- the tower thrusts the cables and wraps the car with them. With an effortless move, the tower launches the car into the sky as if it were a rocket. Jerry, hopeless, looks up at his flying car, becoming a small dot in the sky. Disheartened, he turns around and sees how the tower has freed its other feet and is approaching him with slow and deep steps that make the ground tremble. ON ANOTHER PART OF THE DESERT Jerry’s car, destroyed, falls on top of another tower, bending its arm before it tumbles to the ground in a cloud of dust. BACK TO SCENE The tower looks at Jerry, who knows this is the end. Jerry falls on his knees, holds his hands together, cries. JERRY (sobbing) I am so sorry. I am so sorry. Please let me live. I beg you. Don’t kill me! The tower waves its cables, sparkles everywhere. It pauses for a moment, looks at Jerry. Seems to understand what Jerry is saying. Jerry looks up, a bit of hope. JERRY (CONT’D) Please! The Tower’s voice seems to come from a mechanical hell. TOWER I... HATE... BEGGARS. The Tower prepares the final attack. Jerry, still kneeling, closes his eyes, bows his head down, ready for the end. The tower thrusts its cables towards Jerry. A terrible sound of METAL SCREECHING AND ELECTRIC SPARKS fill the air. Then the silence. Jerry opens his eyes. He’s alive. Or is he? He has no idea what happened. He looks up and sees the tower’s cables ENTANGLED with the cables of a tower with a bent arm, the one who received the impact from the car. Both towers roar, wrestle, thrust cables at each other, punching, kicking, pieces of metal fly, sparks everywhere, the ground shakes as these two giants fight. Jerry just turns around and starts walking down the road, alone, his lifeless gaze not looking back, while both towers ROAR in the distance. It could sound like a strange storm. JERRY (O.S.) (on the phone) Hey, Tom, buddy, about that money you need...
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