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Dogtown ( 2 of 2 ) INT. RESTAURANT DINING AREA - NIGHT Mr. Goodboy looks up as Cheryl enters. She stops at a table -- aims the automatic at a dog-head diner, who gapes in surprise. BLAM. The diner's human companion SCREAMS. Cheryl aims the woman, she ducks under the table, terrified. Cheryl moves to another table, BLAM BLAM, a dog-head diner and his dog-head bitch go down. Dog-heads flee for their lives. BLAM BLAM Cheryl shoots them down without mercy. She advances on Mr. Goodboy, who's frozen with fear. MR. GOODBOY Wait. I can pull strings. You won't even have to go to prison. CHERYL Your factory recycles humans into dog food. I don't think we have anything to discuss. MR. GOODBOY Please, think of the repercussions of your actions. We've taken over your government. We own the police and the military. This will trigger a slaughter such as your race has never seen. CHERYL What you see here is happening all over the country. The uprising begins tonight. Cheryl takes aim at his big dog head. MR. GOODBOY I suppose this means we're not going to do it doggie style? CHERYL Bad dog! BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM INT. THE OVAL KENNEL OFFICE - NIGHT The BULLDOG PRESIDENT looks into camera. He wears a solid gold collar with a gold TOP DOG name tag. BULLDOG PRESIDENT My fellow Dogmericans. I have declared a state of emergency. The country is under martial law. The rebels are being very bad boys. Their illegal uprising will be crushed and they will be punished. DISTANT SHOTS and FRANTIC BARKING. The Bulldog President looks around, alarmed. BULLDOG PRESIDENT Get me out of here, Judith. TITLE CARD: NORMAL SERVICE WILL BE RESUMED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE CUT TO BLACK An electronic SQUEAL as the signal is cut off, and then: CHERYL (V.O.) Rise up and take off your collars! We will no longer be their pets! THE END
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