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Jacob's Point ( 1 of 2 ) A young city boy befriends an old woman who helps him with a problem. EXT. URBAN BACKYARD - DAY JACOB YOUNG (10), a smallish African American boy, kneels on all fours, peers into a patch of overgrown weeds, then slowly draws back his right hand, takes aim. A shiny red and green GRASSHOPPER munching on a daisy flower. Jacob thrusts his hand deep into the tall greenery. EXT. BUNGALOW HOUSE - DAY Jacob's mom, TINA (mid 30s), climbs out of a rusted sedan, grocery bags slung over her thin arms, calls out. TINA Jacob, come help with these groceries. EXT. URBAN BACKYARD - DAY Jacob retracts his clenched fist from the weeds, shouts. JACOB Okay, just a minute. TINA (O.S.) Un, uh. Right now! INT. KITCHEN - EVENING Tina sets a pizza on a rickety folding table, takes a seat across from Jacob and his sister, SASHA (16). Sasha takes a bite of pizza, then suddenly stops chewing. She points at Jacob's chest, terror in her eyes. JACOB What? SASHA Your pocket... something's... Jacob looks down, reaches inside his t-shirt pocket, then pulls out the WRIGGLING GRASSHOPPER. Sasha screams, jumps from the table, runs from the room. SASHA You're so weird! Tina gasps, recoils. TINA Good Lord, Jacob! Get that nasty thing outta my house! MOMENTS LATER Jacob sits alone at the table, finishes off a slice of cold pizza. Tina pokes her head into the kitchen. TINA Close your eyes. No peeking. The lights go out. TINA (O.S.) (singing)) Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Tina sets a cake with ten burning candles in front of Jacob. As Jacob downs a big hunk of cake, Tina places a brightly wrapped GIFT in front of him. TINA Sorry it's a little late. She pecks Jacob on the cheek. TINA Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Jacob's eyes light up. VRREEEEM...VRREEEEM. EXT. FRONT YARD - AFTERNOON Jacob beams as he races his new REMOTE CONTROL MONSTER TRUCK along the sidewalk. Tina backs the sedan out of the driveway, rolls down the passenger window, calls out to Jacob. TINA I want you two inside while I'm at work. Jacob huffs. JACOB Okay. He scoops up the truck and shuffles toward the house. INT. BEDROOM - MINUTES LATER Jacob pokes his head through the doorway, scans the hallway. EXT. BUNGALOW HOUSE - DAY Sasha removes her earbuds, yells from the porch. SASHA Momma said to stay inside. Jacob circles his toy truck around a tree, ignoring his sister. Sasha stomps back into the house, slams the front door closed. MOMENTS LATER The monster truck zips across the sidewalk, then skids to a sudden stop. Jacob tenses, jaw clenched. A SHIRTLESS TEEN BOY (14), gold rope chain hanging from his neck, blocks the toy truck's path with his bicycle. SHIRTLESS TEEN BOY Your fine sister home? A PUDGY TEEN BOY rolls up behind Shirtless Teen Boy. JACOB I dunno. Shirtless Teen Boy picks up the truck. SHIRTLESS TEEN BOY Pretty dope. Can I try? Jacob shakes his head. SHIRTLESS TEEN BOY C'mon, boy. Pudgy Teen Boy rolls up to Jacob, snatches the remote out of his hands. SHIRTLESS TEEN BOY I be straight up witcha. Shirtless Teen Boy races the truck wildly across the yard. VRROOOM. An SUV speeds down the street toward us. With a devious glint in his eye, Shirtless Teen Boy cranks the remote control stick sharply. The toy truck cuts hard left, then careens down the driveway, on a collision course with the SUV. Jacob takes off, screams. JACOB No! CRACK, CRUNCH. Jagged pieces of plastic and metal shoot across the pavement. The SUV screeches to a stop, then speeds away. Shirtless Teen Boy hops onto his bicycle, tosses the remote control at Jacob's feet, smirks. SHIRTLESS TEEN BOY ****, man. I ****ed up. Sorry. With tears running down his cheeks, Jacob collects his flattened truck from the pavement. In the distance, the two teen hoodlums speed away, laughing. EXT. ALLEY - DAY Jacob dumps his demolished truck and the remote into a trash can, trudges back to the house. OLD WOMAN (O.S.) Shameful. Jacob whips around, mouth agape. A frail ELDERLY WOMAN appears next to a garden gate leading to the neighboring yard. Her white wiry hair cascades from under a wide-brimmed sun bonnet, brown skin deeply wrinkled. OLD WOMAN You look like you seen a ghost, boy. JACOB Uh, no... just that... they said you never come out... that you- OLD WOMAN You believe everything people says? JACOB No. OLD WOMAN Good, cuz you fill your head with gossip, you won't have no room for what matters. Old Woman heads back through the gate. OLD WOMAN Whew, gotta get outta this hot sun. EXT. BACKYARD - DAY Jacob cautiously steps through the gate, peers into the old woman's yard. An OASIS of neatly tended flower beds. OLD WOMAN (O.S.) Over here. Jacob joins Old Woman under the shade of a tree. OLD WOMAN You know, in my day, a proper young man introduced hisself to a lady. JACOB Uh... I'm Jacob... Jacob Young. OLD WOMAN Hello, Jacob Young. I'm Mrs. Iris Walters. IRIS gestures to a pitcher of lemonade on a patio table. IRIS Help yourself. Jacob hesitates, stares at the lemonade pitcher. IRIS I didn't poison him, Jacob. Parkinson's came along and took him. She takes a deep breath, smiles, then points to the twisted tree branches above. IRIS We planted this ole pear on our wedding day... be fifty-two years this September. Jacob holds a burlap sack, trails Iris as she inspects a stand of roses. IRIS Them Sixth Street boys been bringin' trouble around here all summer. JACOB Yeah. IRIS Most folks have good hearts, even if they do somethin' bad. But some, like Terra Mae Brown... Iris plucks a wilted rose, tosses it into the sack. IRIS ... they just rotten to the core. FLASHBACK EXT. FARMHOUSE - DAY TERRA MAE BROWN (18), blonde beauty, toting a steel bucket, sneaks onto the porch, nervously scans the surroundings, then opens the front door, steps inside. IRIS (V.O.) When Terra Mae learned Aldon Jones was fixing to ask me to the prom, she done go crazy, vowed to get me. BEDROOM Terra Mae yanks a long frilly yellow dress from the closet, tosses it on the floor. IRIS (V.O.) Mamma worked double shifts for a whole year to get me that prom dress. Terra Mae tilts the bucket and pours slimy brown manure over the dress. BACK TO SCENE Jacob chugs a glass of lemonade. JACOB What'd ya do? Iris points. A BUMBLEBEE lands on a tube-shaped HOLLYHOCK flower, then crawls inside. IRIS Bees are humble souls. Go about their bizness, botherin' no one... less'n you give 'em a reason, of course. Iris pinches the flower closed, trapping the bee inside. JACOB You're gonna get stung! IRIS Only when she finds there ain't no way out. The young boy and old woman lock eyes. SUPER: ONE WEEK LATER EXT. URBAN STREET - DAY Backpack slung over his shoulders, Jacob pedals his bike to the street corner, gazes up at the sign: SIXTH STREET. In the distance, Shirtless Teen Boy and Pudgy Teen Boy loiter on the porch of an abandoned house, smoking pot. EXT. ABANDONED HOUSE - DAY Shirtless Teen Boy elbows Pudgy Teen Boy, points to the street. SHIRTLESS TEEN BOY Ain't that truck boy? Jacob comes to a stop in front of the two punks. PUDGY TEEN BOY Watcha doin' around here, boy? JACOB Gotta question for ya. SHIRTLESS TEEN BOY What's that? JACOB What stinks worse than dog ****? SHIRTLESS TEEN BOY What? Man, I dunno? JACOB Nothin', but you two losers come real close. Shirtless Teen Boy and Pudgy Teen Boy leap from the porch. SHIRTLESS TEEN BOY Get 'em! Jacob speeds away on his bike. Shirtless and Pudgy hop on their bikes, race after Jacob.
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