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Default Halloween Hellraisers Writing Exercise 2012


It's here good folks of Done Deal, the only informal, crazy, "no prizes" competition on the planet worth entering on an annual basis!


Okay, we do have a prize, but you're not going to like it, and you may not even wish to receive it!

Your hosts: "Dpat" and "The Road Warrior", this humble poster, bring you the most exciting thing you can do dressed in black garb with a pen at hand!

Okay, it's just over FIVE WEEKS to go until the deadline of:-

31st OCTOBER 2012

What we require is really simple:

A short script based upon the yearly festival of Hallo-ween. No more than 8 pages please.

Please ask any questions you may have in this thread and if you would like to commit in advance to an entry then say so below - "I'm in, sounds cool!" would be a good start or, "... wow, just wow, I heard about this via a fiend!".

Or if you'd just like to vote, or even carry a banner (that's an advert such as the basic details in my "signature space", or Dpats!) this will be of great help and assistance. Thanks.

But most of all, please enter, it's the only way to generate the fun and atmosphere we seek to make this a nasty little success.

I'm going to goad you, that's how it works in this admn role. If you're currently writing "Lawrence of Arabia II, Revenge of the Turks", then STOP, why would you, and stop NOW, what are you doing, down pens immediately and switch over to THIS. A burst of 8 pages whilst you take a break from other labours, or screenplays.

That's all, just that!

Except... wait, we must keep you on your toes and checking in, so in the meatime we give you:-

Forthcoming: The Annual, "I JUST GOT DUMPED" Valentine's Short Screenplay Writing Competition. Keep an eye on Writing Exercises.

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