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Default Re: Halloween Hellraisers Writing Exercise

Apologies for the delay, I've been a busy-bee.

@CBurden - we've been very specific before, with a "scenario" or suchlike but of course, if you suggest a situation and characters it may not please all.

So with the Halloween competition, I felt like we probably had the weight of precdent behind us, in previous years there's been a pattern of sorts, you folks just deliver up your creepy little tales and we don't know what exactly to expect, other than keeping it within 8 pages. 5 will do.

@Anagram... hi, do I make the check out to Mr A N Gram, or just plain ole Mr Anagram, I wouldn't like to see your bank reject it!

Okay folks, it's seem like we've got interest and entries from around five people thus far, and we'd like at least 8 as I mentioned earlier, let's make this rock this year, could we reach ten entries, it would be a record, so anyway, that's that's very good as it's still very very early indeed!

Actually, I may be sketching out my idea on paper this weekend, the locale, a few characters, a twist or two perhaps...
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