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Default Re: Don't know squat... rookie question

Originally Posted by artisone View Post
I am a TV person. I think in order to be a viable candidate to write the pilot you would have to show the producers and the network a couple of specs. Have you written any? I think without them, you're out of luck.
No specs, probably based on lengrh something that is much longer than a premise and conceivably closer to a bible.

That is kind of what I thought, so I was just wondering about the probability of getting attached to it in any capacity after the fact, if they were interested in the premise/bible and planned on hiring someone who has written a successful Pilot to up the odds. The specs seem obviously designed to exhibit writing talent and how versatile the writer may be. You are obviously about a continent ahead of me in versatility if you can take any series and make an episode your own. I only feel particularly pationate about this one idea, and am wondering if going through the exercise of writing a couple of full potential episodes is ever considered a viable substitute for some association.

thanks for the advice
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