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Default Re: How the hell are they going to release The Beaver?

Originally Posted by Jules View Post
Seriously, how the hell do you release a comedy like that with Mel Gibson in it?
I know someone who's seen a cut of it. It's not a comedy. It's a drama about a mentally-ill man with some laughs in it.

Depending on what Mel does in response to this (like if he takes responsibility for his actions), Summit could still make it work. Summit after all, bid for and won the domestic distribution rights for The Ghost Writer at the height of the Polanski thing. They platformed it fairly well.

Now obviously Mel is more high profile than Polanski, but I'm just saying that The Beaver has a fighting chance (and it's always been a hard-sell anyway). The movie lucked out that Summit picked them up as it looks like they might be the only studio that would have the balls to still release it, imo.

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