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Originally Posted by Strangerthanfiction View Post
I'm having a major issue with final draft 10 on windows 10. Every time I open the program within a few minutes my laptop shuts down and restarts. Would appreciate any ideas/help to fix it.
Edit: Just tried to open a script I'm working on and I'm now getting a message "This file is not compatible with this version of Final Draft"...
A quick way to test to see if your .fdx files are good (when Final Draft is not working) is to go to either YouMeScript or 'Afterwriting ( or and try importing your script to one of these online. If they successfully upload you can export to Fountain or PDF or (on YouMeScript) additionally to Final Draft, Final Draft 11 or Plain (formatted) text. (Neither of these require an account or a login to use them.)

I've heard a lot of horror stories about Final Draft and these kind of problems. If you continue using it, find a way to additionally backup to Fountain (which can be used just about anywhere). Since Final Draft 10 apparently doesn't have export to Fountain use this guy's method — (Go to "Other Final Draft Export Options" nearer the end of the article. You would be using the Script Report to export the screenplay to text.)

I agree with ComicBent on Fade In Pro (or at least something other than Final Draft). I still like Trelby (and KIT Scenarist is not bad either).

Good luck.
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