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Default Re: Animation screenplay

Originally Posted by nkwriter View Post
Thanks, hscope! I'll start building my list.
Just curious... Blue Sky and others don't talk unless you have an agent. How did you manage to query them?
This was a couple of years ago. They had a note on their web site saying they didn't take unsolicited queries, so I sent them an email saying I had an award nominated animated family script - I didn't mention the title or logline - and said I would be happy to have my lawyer submit the logline, script, whatever. (I had an LA lawyer who I used at $30 a pop to submit)

Anyway, next day I had an email from the Fox legal department with a release form and a demand to know who my lawyer was and off we went.

I suspect timing was everything and I had nothing but very positive feedback until two weeks later, when the feedback turned negative, which was one of Fox's biggest mistakes
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