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Originally Posted by UpandComing View Post
He never said all geeks are misogynists or losers. He said that ""Geek culture is home to some of the biggest *******s I've ever met in my life." And considering GamerGate; the consistent outpouring of rage whenever a comic book character is cast with a minority (Johnny Storm, Nick Fury); and the outrage over the mere announcement of an upcoming all-female Ghostbusters, I'd say he has some evidence to back that up.
Not to mention all the racist **** that Leslie Jones has been hit with on Twitter. That's been blowing up since the movie released.

You don't have to be a bigot to dislike the film by any means (seems like most unbiased people are saying it's just, you know, OK), but the fact that so many awful, bigoted people have been so vocal about it means that the whole thing is tainted at this point.

Also, isn't it doing decently well for what it is? It's not tanking or anything. The supposed "identity politics" aren't substantially hurting it so far.
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