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Default Re: Ghostbusters Trailer

Originally Posted by UpandComing View Post
It made $121 million at the domestic box office, which is almost its entire production budget. That's not bad at all.

You say you want to see GOOD female-led films, which references quality. First of all, you haven't actually seen the movie, so it is idiotic for you to make a judgment on it (whether based on a trailer or comments in a forum). Second, it has a 77% score on Rotten Tomatoes, so the general critical consensus is that it is good, even if you to choose to ignore it.

The only thing this reboot is an example of is the need to not spend so much money on a property just because it is a sequel to a popular film. If the budget wasn't so high, this film would've been considered a success.

You know what I don't get? Why you feel the need to keep referencing that it is a female-led film. Why the differentiation? When a male-led film bombs, people don't say, "I want to see more GOOD male-led films." Or "this is an example of how not to make a bad male-led film." It shows you think there are a different set of standards for female-led movies, and frankly, that's just pathetic.
When I first saw the first GB 2016 (reboot, NOT A SEQUEL) trailer, I didn't laugh. I CRINGE. Not because I didn't like the fact it was female-led, but I didn't think the jokes were funny, and I didn't find it necessary for the characters' abilities to be verbally noted (the "show, don't tell" rule was broken here). The second trailer didn't persuade me either, giving me the impression that the identities of the characters were, in the eyes of the filmmakers and studio, more important than the story. When you have a film trailer that's supposed to promote a comedy, and the jokes within the trailer aren't funny, the studio has a big load on its' hands. I stayed home and saved $11. So did a good amount of people, I imagine, and the idea of a live-action sequel is unlikely. I take the opinions of film critics with a grain of salt because I don't want to be sold a film that looks crappy to me. I wouldn't buy a car that looks like a s***-box. Being an educated consumer helps.

Regardless of identity, I want to see a good film. This reboot didn't look like one.
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