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Default Re: Project requested, no agent/manager to send it

Originally Posted by fotonchev View Post
"Thank you for reaching out! We really appreciate the interest in our company regarding this project. It sounds very exciting! Do you have an agent or a lawyer who you can submit it through? "
That is not a soft pass. A soft pass is, "This is not our cup of tea" or "this is not quite right for us." Those are soft passes. (I've written plenty of those letters for others and on my own behalf.) We would also "soft pass" by telling them to send it through my boss' agency/agent. That would do the trick too. They could take care of all for us and keep my boss' hands clean, so to speak.

Now, if that was meant as a pass letter than it deserves to be in the Hall of Fame for the one of the "Worst, Most Misleading Pass Letter." The person should be let go from the company. Seriously.

It's a simple question. Do you have a rep? That's all. Write them back and say, you are not currently repped but would be more than willing to sign a release. You have nothing to lose by doing that. (I was typing as finalact4 was posting. See her note too.)

If I read or heard a query that I really liked, I had the permission to offer to send a release form. Didn't do it often; but absolutely could and would if something caught my eye.
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