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Default Re: What is a hook and do I need one?

Originally Posted by DLev24 View Post
I agree with the last few posts. I always think of the hook as how the creative exec is going to pitch the script to get their boss to read it. The really quick, five second "you've got to read this script" pitch.

This movie has come up in another thread but I've always thought THE PURGE had one of the greatest concepts I've ever heard -- because it's so easy to understand and instantly visualize a movie. All crime is legal for one night. That's an easy pitch for a junior level exec to make to his boss. "You've got to read this great spec that just came in. It's a home invasion thriller that takes place on the one night a year where all crime is legal." That last part is the hook (or what I've personally always thought of as the hook) -- that special something that makes this script different and exciting.
Agreed. With that one sentence I want to read the whole thing.

The other thing, as a rep, they'll think "I can sell this without even reading it." And that might be exactly what they do. Something to consider: If a rep can sell your script without reading it, you've definitely got a HOOK.
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