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Default Neighbor... producer/director intros

Idk where this thread belongs, but...

So, my neighbor is like "Come over, have a drink. Let's chat." Older gay guy. Fukk it, I do. I love talking to people. I just do.

He asks me where I'm at with stuff. I tell him. He says "Listen, I'm gonna make some calls for you, right now." BOOM! He calls, what, 4 legit people. One of them VERY high up "I want you to read a script for me." Phone is on speakerphone: "Okay, send..."

4 sends in one day from chatting with my neighbor. Can't say who, but one of the people he called recently made an overall deal for 9 figures (Probably gives it away). If you can guess, don't say, cuz maybe not them.

But, he's like lemme scroll through my phone "Oh yeah, them... do you have something that works for ____?"

Here's my answer to every question. "Yes!"
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