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Originally Posted by figment View Post
I had three total reads -- but only two were positive. Here's what mine said:

Some good news: your script placed among the Top 15% of all entries, meaning that it received two good scores but fell short of the total needed to advance to the Quarterfinal Round. Most Top 15% scripts were read three times; some were read only twice.

That makes it as clear as... mud.

Regardless, congrats on your two positive reads. No easy feat.
Originally Posted by Strangerthanfiction View Post
As far as I know, a script needs two very high scores on the Nicholls to get a third read. Only the high end of the top 20% were read three times this year. I made the top 20% but only got two reads.
Unless things have changed, this is how Nicholl first round reading works:

Every script is read twice. Those scripts receiving at least one strong positive score (typically the cut-off is 80 or just above 80) are read a third time.

For instance, let's say the strong positive read cut-off for a given year is 80. That means all scripts receiving an 80 as one of their first two reads will receive a third read, no matter what the second score is. If a script does not receive at least one 80, it will only be read twice.

The best two scores of the three reads are used to determine the quarterfinalist scripts.

In this example, it would be possible for a top 10% script to garner scores such as 78-78 and not receive a third read.

It would be possible for a top 20% script to be read three times with scores such as 80-65-60 (though most top 20% scripts would only receive two reads with scores similar to 73-72).
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