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Default Re: iPhone in the Mideast

Originally Posted by NikeeGoddess View Post
i'm technologically-challenged... don't even have a mobile phone. lol! i know. insane, right?!

anyhoo -- i need some info about iPhone service in the Mideast. i have an american woman who is trying to get home from some oppressive country. she makes it to London, but is detained b/c the US put her on the "no-fly" list. but while she's waiting to be sent back she buys an iPhone at a kiosk in the airport.

question: what would she have to do to get internet service in some 3rd world country? can she just pay some service via credit card or what? would she have had to do that when she bought the phone in London?

Most Middle Eastern countries use pre-paid cards. I have an international plan with ATT so I use my iphone like normal right now in Afghanistan. I'm only limited to the number of text messages I use and the data plan. You can use a Roshan SIM with a jalbroken Iphone. I also have a Roshan for local calls. Afghanistan has come as long way considering when I came here after 9-11 it was e-mail ( on good days) and good old fashion letter writing.

In Iraq (2007) I used a pre-paid SIM and used it in my ATT phone. In most Middle Eastern countries you can buy a pre-paid SIM and use it on most devices or jailbroken phones. You can pick up one as easily as going to the mall, airport, or souqs.

I've done several deployments to the Middle East (seven) so i'm available for information if needed.
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