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Default Re: Beware of Development Interns stealing your ideas

Originally Posted by Priya View Post
I would also like to add that both specs were early in my non-career, and both of the actual episodes were vastly superior to my scripts. So, in a way, it was kinda cool to be able to see how the professionals did it. It was like getting my own master class on writing.
Great way to see it. I am amazed how consistently "my ideas" show up exactly how I conceived them. But a few years back I spent some time in development on one of my scripts with a group of pros and found out in a single brainstorming session why this keeps happening: every single idea I've ever had has also been had by thousands before me. When you're brainstorming in a group - when done well - no idea is too out there, and so all kinds of stuff gets thrown out that might be laughed off one minute then float back down to the ethos the next, in a similar or varied form.

There's no such thing as a new idea.

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