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Default Re: Diablo Cody article

I think that anything that makes you stand out in some way can make people more interested in meeting you and thus, help you get more meetings. Hollywood is a people business, so people are understandably drawn to others with intriguing "stories". Especially when it comes to screenwriters, who are not traditionally known as the most exciting bunch. Max Landis being John Landis's son is part of his story.

Of course, while having some kind of brand can help you get in a room, it still all comes down to what you put on the page. Diablo and Max wouldn't be as successful or get as much work if they didn't have a voice that drew people in. But I think anything we can do to differentiate ourselves from the intense competition can work in our favor (especially since there's really only so much we can to to differentiate ourselves on the page). So I don't see it as unfair, I see it as just another tool in one's self-promotion arsenal.

In short, if I had a past as a male stripper, I would let everyone know.*

*That said, don't know if it's a job that's helped this guy much:
I love being a writer. What I can't stand is the paperwork.- Peter De Vries

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