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Default Re: Diablo Cody article

Originally Posted by Geoff Alexander View Post
No way a guy working as a male stripper while trying to break in doesn't get covered. Impossible.
If a male stripper sold a script, I could see comments about how he personally benefited from being attractive. But do you think it would spawn a "bias towards attractive male screenwriters" comment? Because of all the gorgeous guys in the Writers Guild?

Even if a former stripper sold a script, he still had to write a fairly descent script. There are thousands of beautiful people in Los Angeles. Why aren't they all selling screenplays left and right?

And again, what is the purpose of bringing up anyone's physical appearance on a forum for screenwriting? Male or female, focusing on a screenwriters attractiveness is a way of dismissing the quality of their work. I don't care how pretty you are, no one is going to spend millions of dollars producing your screenplay because you're cute.
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