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Default Re: Best way to approach a producer?

Originally Posted by Darthclaw13 View Post
Greetings everyone,

My question is...what is the best way to approach a producer?

I am wishing to get in touch with a producer who I have always wanted to work with.

I have my finished script, a completed budget, a completed business plan, my locations, and some verbal and email LOI's from well known talent (along with other talent connections).

Should I call up the prod company and ask for the producer's email and then send a query email?
Or should I go through their agent?

I prefer to try the direct approach first as I want to find out if he would be interested in working with me on this venture before sending over all the info I have ready. (I hope that made sense).

I do appreciate any advice folks here may have for this situation, and I wish everyone here much success in your own ventures.

(if anyone is curious the prod I want to work with is Richard Kelly of Darko Ent.)
Go through his production company. There is a woman there who is an assistant, you'll want to start with her.
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